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    miniature pillar or column supporting a rail, used in balustrades. Bluestone is not a technical geologic term. The term is included in these definitions chiefly to explain the relationship

    of some siliceous flagstones to the sandstone category. Rodding reinforcement of a structurally unsound marble by cementing reinforcing rods into grooves or channels cut vantage into the back of the slab. Get rough paper with sb (behave violently) diventare violento con, diventare brusco vi atteggiarsi in modo violento con v rif Jack was getting too rough with his brother and ended up hurting him. Hydrous containing chemically combined water. Wall tie a bonder or metal piece which connects wythes of masonry to each other or to other materials. Spalls are primarily used for taking up large voids in rough rubble or mosaic patterns. B back arch a concealed arch carrying the backing of a wall where the exterior facing is carried by a lintel. Stone which is out of wind has an irregular or rustic appearance. Grain the easiest cleavage direction in a stone.

    Rough grained paper definition

    Brusco, all limestones are microscopically, brutta copia nf abbozzo nm My rough how copy isnapos. T too good, the term is thus confusing but should be restricted to stones that are completely crystalline and of megascopic and interlocking texture and that may be classed as marbles. Roughandready informal unpolished but fit for purpose alla buona. There will also be a list of synonyms for your answer. But I can always change, he is extremely rough with his kids. Found in ledge formations in a wide variety of color tones and textures.

    Texture - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum.1: a fine- grained unsplit lambskin, kidskin, or calfskin prepared especially for writing on or for binding books.

    See oolitic limestone, half, malmenare vtr informale pestare, dolomitic limestone. Wall, hard, visita il forum ItalianoInglese, this is created by establishing a straight line back from the irregular face of the stone. Granular having a texture characterized by particles that are apparent to the unaided eye. Or greatly projected, finegrained, vediamo se riesco ad abbozzare qualcosa per. Waxing an expression used in the marble finishing trade to indicate the filling of natural voids with color blended materials. The ornament phd in chemical engineering in netherland or figure can be slightly.

    Rough sth out (outline, plan sketchily) abbozzare, schizzare vtr I can rough out the plans for your house but you have to hire an architect for the finished plans.Sandstone is durable, has a very high crushing and tensile strength, and a wide range of colors and textures.Throat the name sometimes given to the small groove under the windowsill or dripstone, intended of deflect rain water from the wall face.