Our students are encouraged to read broadly across English and American. 2018!
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    doctoral program in English, and while good grades are obviously a good thing, they are not the only thing. We encourage students to pursue undergraduate research and graduation

    with distinction. Should I apply early to beat the rush? If there is more than one professor outside the field of English who you'd like to write for you, then consider submitting four letters rather than the minimum three. It should be sent directly to the English Department via our online writing sample upload process ( follow this link ). There is no terminal MA program in Duke's English department. Having read your statement will also help your recommenders to write better letters. For more detailed information, see the Student Handbook. How would I be funded during my study? Frances McDonald (PhD 2015 University of Louisville. Particular faculty interests currently cutting across the chronological and geographical categorizations of literature include examples such as the cultural work of memory; whiteness and orientalism; mourning and trauma; the history of the book and other media, especially the visual arts and film; performativity and the. Students investigate literary and cultural history as forms of knowledge production and social action; to develop the specific linguistic, philosophical, and historical skills relevant to their chosen field and intervention; and to think and articulate with clarity, subtlety, and imagination. Talk not just about what you've already done and thought, but about what you hope to do next. With the exception of the writing sample, all materials should be uploaded to the Graduate School's admissions system through their online service. They do not teach freshman composition courses in each of their years in the program: at Duke, the Writing Program is in any case separate from the English Department. English 184S.01, reading in Genre: Historical Fiction, aLP,. The average undergraduate GPA for students entering our program in a recent year was.9. . Dual-degree program is an opportunity to continue pursuing an academic passion from your undergraduate years as you pursue a legal career path. The most important things we look for in your application are 'fit intelligence, originality, and writing ability. We attempt to make each stage of the progress towards the doctoral degree less an obstacle race, with each stage a step to be got through before the "real work" can begin, than an integral and component part of the making of an intellectual. Each year's class includes both students accepted straight from their undergraduate degree and students who have subsequently completed. . The second part of the application is the submission of a writing sample. The doctoral program in English is small and highly selective. . We do not begin reading applications until after the final deadline has passedbut nor do we consider applications parts of which are submitted late, so we recommend that you not wait until the final day to begin the application process. Most importantly, craft your Statement of Purpose and choose your Writing Sample so that the good 'fit' between your interests and those in the department and beyond will be apparent to the Admissions Committee. The most important places for you to make these qualities evident are your Statement of Purpose and Writing Sample. Students must apply to this program through the Duke School of Law. For Fall 2019 entry, the deadline is December 10, 2018.

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    Or make some brief mention of these in your Statement duke of Purpose. As letters from tenured scholars or equivalent actively engaged in mid to english senior career generally carry the most weight. How can I investigate my fit with the department. MS word format and must not be longer than 25 pages. Does it matter whether I already have. Encourages exciting and unanticipated conjunctions in intellectual work between. If failures, if possible, most faculty in the department have interdisciplinary interests.

    Say, queer and marxist theory, or between medieval and Latin American studies, film and Victoriana.There is no terminal MA program in Duke s English department.The department offers a wide range of program options, from the study of historica l periods and genres (medieval to postcolonial) to literary criticism and theory.

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    We encourage you to contact individual faculty in our department who might duke university english phd medieval be able to help you pursue a particular interdisciplinary interest. The Program in Literature, do you have a cutoff undergraduate GPA. Convey your enthusiasm as vividly as you can. Theater Studies, the director of the dissertation serves as the principal advisor.