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    camps were a living hell. Later the government gave a further statement that declared that all people of Japanese origin were considered aliens until the end of World War.

    Even after is matte paper and textured paper the same the war, Makenzie King still deported 4000 Japanese Canadians back to Japan. At the same time as 12000 Japanese were being placed in abandoned mining towns and later deported, Austrians, It alians, and Germans were walking freely around Canada with out being asked for much more than identification. A good example of the Government's discrimination towards the Japanese is when the Government sold most of the Japanese owned property and land, without the Japanese's consent. One of the major arguments is the factor of segregation and discrimination that were implied during the internment. The Bill of Rights were established to benefit the Americans, and only the Americans. The Japanese first immigrated to Canada to work on the rail road in 1900. In the first year of the war the 21000 Japanese who were affected by the war regulations, were sent to various provinces across Canada. The Democrat and once Georgia senator had promised to bring a fresh, new approach to the White House in hope. The people sent to these internment camps were Japanese Americans, this meant that they were born in the United States, as well as Japanese citizens. It also stirred hostility against Japanese people in the United States. There are many arguments which have arisen in Canada because of the Japanese Internment. Essay, term paper, research paper: Humanities, free essays available online are good but they will not follow the guidelines of your particular writing assignment. Many positions have been stated as well as many different points of view. The remaining 12000 Japanese were taken to Interior Housing Centers in the middle.C.

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    These housing centers consisted of four abandoned mining towns and two completely new communities. And Austrian Canadians were left alone. The Bill of Rights was supposed to protect minorities from a potential. In conclusion a majority of people feel that water the Government acted upon the Japanese Canadians unfairly using segregation. To separate them from the rest of Canada. Perspectives, tyranny of the majority, and abandoned mining towns to live.

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    Any or all persons may be excluded. Some people believed that the internment was a necessary action. The Government only acted in fear of Canadaapos. One good example of this segregation is when the Government restricted the number of Japanese immigrants internment to Canada in 1907 to 400 people yearly.