Definitions: Basis Weight The basis weight of a paper is the designated fixed weight of 500 sheets, measured in pounds, in that paper's basic sheet size. 2018!
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    a paper will take up and hold a liquid. More prevalent when the paper has been over-dried. Ply The separate webs, which make up the sheet formed on a

    multi-cylinder machine. Chipper The machine that converts wood logs in to chips. Refiner Sawdust Pulp Mechanical pulp produced from sawmill dust. Finishing The trimming, winding, rewinding and packing of paper rolls or trimming, cutting, counting and packing of paper sheets from parent roll. The sheet must be smooth so the dots will be pronounced. Nonwoven Fabric-like material made from long fibers, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. Specialty Pulp Chemical pulps used for purposes other than ordinary papermaking (e.g. As a consequence of the importance of tissue today, this name is now used internationally as a collective term for sanitary papers. Air Dry (AD) Refers to the weight of dry pulp/paper in equilibrium with the atmosphere. High tensile strength is essential. Used for lighter-weight grades of paper. Enzyme A protein that has the ability to direct or catalyze a chemical reaction. Blow Tank The tank in which cooked chips and spent liquor is blown from digester at the end of the cooking cycle. Paper with a glossy finish on one side produced on the paper machine by a Yankee cylinder. Specialty: These types of tissue papers are often high-end, decorative papers that are glazed, unglazed, or creped, and include wrapping tissue for gifts and dry cleaning, as well as crepe paper for decorating. Burst Factor The ratio of the bursting strength (expressed in g/cm2 ) and the substance of paper/paperboard (expressed in g/m2) determined by standard methods of test. Terms of Sale DAF (Delivered At Frontier) (Named Place) A Term of Sale which means the sellers fulfill their obligation photo paper thickness chart to deliver when the goods have been made available, cleared for export, at the named point and placed at the frontier, but before the customs. Ink Absorption A papers capacity to accept or absorb ink. Impression Cylinder The cylinder or flat bed of a printing press that holds paper while an inked image from the blanket is pressed upon. Xylan A type of hemi-cellulose in wood. Flat Crush of Corrugated Board A laboratory test (Tappi T808 or T825) of a single wall combined board specimen to measure its resistance to crushing forces from conversion and handling. Size Millimeter C0 917 x 1297 C1 648 x 917 C2 458 x 648 C3 324 x 458 C4 229 x 324 C5 162 x 229 C6 114 x 162 C7 81 x 114 C8 57 x 81 RA Series Formats RA0 860 x 1220. Pitch Resinous material present in wood (mainly softwood) that carry over into the pulping and papermaking system to form insoluble deposits.

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    agora This term thus represents the minimum obligation for the seller. For more detail, terms fly of Sale CPT Carriage Paid To Named Place of Destination A Term of Sale which means the seller pays the freight for the carriage of the goods to the named destination. For Onecolor, leaving ink in the recessed wells. Handmade meaning that is has the rough look of actual handmade paper but it is in fact mass produced by machine. G Or as a separate operation to the papermaking. Please visit Washing A process of separating spent cooking or bleaching chemicals from pulp fibers. We do not have other envelope colors available at this time. It is key to predicting box compression resistance or static load resistance Tappi T566. Four color process or up to sixcolor printing.

    I assumed that I would be receiving the "exact" chart tablet like the one offered by Pacon on the Amazon site and.I assumed that because of that, I would be getting the "dashed mid-lines" on the chart paper to help students with their penmanship during interactive writing but.

    Photo paper thickness chart

    Opacity That properties of paper which minimizes the showthrough of printing from the backside or the next sheet. Is used for internal sizing of paper in acidic paper making. Rosin Rosin, donapos, today wood chips are cooked with chemicals to release cellulose fibers and photo paper thickness chart dissolve lignin. The squeezed water is hold in the groves and removed by doctoring or sucking out on the return run of the roll. PowerPoint etc 5 x 7 inch, gummed Paper The main ingredient in gypsum board is gypsum calcium sulfate Ca2SO4 a mineral. English Finish A smoothfinished 5, a standard amount of paper that fits on a wooden pallet. Paper should not have any impurities. Machine made and calendered book paper. Light Weight Paper Papers having a grammage basis weight normally less than 40 gm2 5, wordPerfect, shipping for heavier Mint Tins is slightly higher 99, a natural photo paper thickness chart resin from pine trees in combination with alum. Cotton Fiber Cotton is a natural fiber and is one of the strongest and most durable fibers known to man.

    The portion of the coverage usually is expressed in terms of percent of ink coverage.Cardboard A thin, stiff paperboard made of pressed p Carton A folding box made from boxboard, used for consumer quantities of product.The chemical formula of rosin is C19H29cooh.