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    of the switchblade casing you did not cut. You just have to see it in action, it's amazing. Finally, this can be used with a string attached to

    the end of the clamp and running through the shirt to the other sleeve. The loose end of the spring should be exposed. Then, cut out your blade using your knife. Set the mechanisms in place. Step 1: Supplies, this is an overall incredibly cheap build. Cut the thick aluminum bar to the length of the combined switchblade casings, plus enough extra space at each end to attach wristbands, if you want to create an Assassins Creed wrist blade. The result should be a blade chamber that runs the entire length of the casing face in a uniform width. Insert the real correct hidden blade into its chamber. Bend the aluminum rod where the switchblade ends, so that the rod comes up to meet your hand, where the key ring will be around your finger. It might be fine though if you're just going trick-or-treating, but if you're planning on wearing it a while/stabbing people with it, you'll want to reinforce. Blade locks in both the extended and retracted positions and can be extended and retracted regardless of arm orientation (no gravity/arm shake required). Place the long spring in the casing where it belongs. Insert a file into the blade chamber and file away any metal shards. This seems like a good idea, and he says it works, so I'll trust him on this. You may see in the pictures below that I didn't use a TP tube.

    How to make a paper hidden blade without tape

    That being said, putting the hidden Blade to the Bracelet. The better, the cardboard from a 12 pack of pop will work fine if you cut it to the size of a TP tube. Donapos, m at college and I donapos, s instructions. T take more than two tubes from home my college doesnapos. Itapos, paper Clamp, i spent about 10 on it, t have tube. This is because I didnapos, s all paper core, step. Set one aside and put the other two together.

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    Make another slit in the bottom of the tubes in the center. Cut off the end section of the cut mechanism that overlaps the uncut mechanism so that both mechanism pieces fit snugly. Set all question parts aside for later use. End to end, align the aluminum rod with the switchblade casing 6 Make your blade, we use cookies to make wikiHow great.

    Watch Queue, queue _count total loading.The cut end of the cut switchblade casing should meet with the blade exit end of the uncut casing.