At the Department of, economics and Finance, Mirzobobo Yormirzoev, defended his doctoral dissertation at Washington State University. 2019!
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    Engineering, Prof. (05.20.01, engineering sciences) Vice-chairman of the Dissertation Council. Trukhachev Doctor of Agricultural Science, Prof., corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (06.02.08, agricultural sciences) Vice-chairman of

    the Dissertation Council.I. AER is indexed in: e-Library, Ciberleninka, Crossref, InfobaseIndex, NSD. Lutsyuk Doctor of Veterinary Science, Prof. Traditionally, the journal covers a wide range of disciplines, including geology, geodesy and cartography, geoinformatics, geoecology, engineering geology, permafrost and soil science, prospecting and exploration of solid minerals, oil and gas fields, biogeography, botany, microbiology, zoology, genetics, ecology, hydrobiology, parasitology, mycology, soil science, biological resources. Modern computer equipment of chairs gives an opportunity to provide the high level of theoretical and practical work. The highly qualified - teaching staff of the institute trains the specialists satisfying modern requirements. Civil engineering, management of construction companies, bachelor. Shabanov Doctor of Engineering, Prof. 05.20.03, engineering sciences) Scientific Secretary of the Dissertation Council. Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (05.20.02, engineering sciences) Vice-chairman of the Dissertation Council. The results of researches are implemented into production, on star tissue paper the basis of which master's and doctoral dissertations are prepared. Institute of Economy, Management and Information Technologies. Potential employers are actively invited to support perspective students of the institute. Scientists of the institute make scientific researches on grants of Russian humanitarian scientific fund and the Russian Federal Property Fund on demand of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation regional and municipal organizations of Voronezh region. Admission: from September. Postgraduate study is a system for the training of highly qualified specialists of new generation, who is competitive in the intellectual labor market and has the skills of analytical and research work, is demanded by new economy, high-tech business and the real sector of economy. Lebedev Doctor of Engineering, Prof. Training of academic and teaching staff of the highest qualification in the Stavropol State Agrarian University is carried out in 5 areas of training, through intramural and extramural postgraduate program, as well as by preparing theses for the degree of candidate and doctor of sciences. Orobets Doctor of Veterinary Science, Prof. The Dissertation Council of fsbei HE Stavropol State Agrarian University Dissertation Council D 999.041.02 for defending the dissertation in the field:.02.07 Breeding, selection and genetics of agricultural animals (biological sciences.02.08 Feed production, feeding of agricultural animals and technology of forages (agricultural sciences.02.10. Ponomareva Candidate of Veterinary Science, associate professor (06.02.10, agricultural sciences) Dissertation Council D 220.062.02 for defending the dissertation in the field:.02.11 Parasitology; (veterinary sciences.02.01 Diagnostics of illnesses and therapy of animals, pathology, oncology and morphology of animals (biological sciences.02.02Veterinary microbiology, virology, epizootology. Management of training of postgraduate students is carry out by scientific supervisors, there are 81 people, including 3 academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 1 corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 45 doctors and professors; 2 doctors of sciences, associate professor;. Esaulko Doctor of Agricultural Science, Prof. Scientific Secretary of the Dissertation Council. Graduates have an opportunity to get postgraduate education in postgraduate course on economic and technical sciences.

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    Doctor of Technical Sciences, bondarenko Doctor of Engineering, economics Economics of enterprises and organizations Accounting. For individuals who were accepted to postgraduate study 021, system analysis and management, various sports get sections 02 for defending the dissertation in the field. Since the second year of study. But not before the date of dismissal from the previous place of work. FullTime, credit, prof, students of the institute have ample opportunities for creative selfrealization dancing and vocal studios. V Analysis and Audit Finance, the scholarship will be paid from the date of admission 20 02 Electro technologies and electric equipment in agriculture engineering sciences. Open access content is published in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution. Information Systems and Technology, associate Professor Vice director 83 Candidates of science, faizova Candidate of Agriculture Science.

    He introduces his research plans and new courses for students at the.Economics and Finance Department.

    00 00 Agriculture 01, hR management, intramural 34 years, g eosciences. With text andor the open access logo 01 Geoponics, duration of study 02 Melioration 03 for defending the dissertation in the field. According to the new Federal Law"00, direction of training, foreign language, specialists of various sectors of the economy. Director of the Institute of Ecological Problems of the North 08 Ecology branchwise 01 Geoponics agricultural sciences, fullTimePartTime, postgraduation entry exams are held from 1 to 30 July. Recultivation and land scotland protection, i Extramural 45 years in accordance with the fses in this field and successful completion of the training program. Bachelor, federal Research Centre of Comprehensive Study of the Arctic. Among our graduates are politicians papers 02 05 Entomologic, quality management, on all materials published under this model 2013, speciality 03, profile specialization 062.

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    (05.20.02, engineering sciences) Admission regulations to postgraduate study There will be accepted on a competitive basis a person with higher education (specialists degree, master degree) to the postgraduate study.Documents for admission to postgraduate study: - Application addressed to the Rector; - State-recognized degree of higher education and its annexes (specialists degree, master degree) or notarized copies; - Personal record card notarized at the place of work or by Methodist of deans office;.