The Homework Machine is a book that I enjoyed very much. 2018!
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    does Brenton tell Sam about the homework machine? Support your answer in 3-5 sentences. I never thought Belch was such a big deal, the way the others did.

    . (Do we even have to ask?) That's the situation presented to Sam, Kelsey, Judy and Brenton in Dan Gutman's entertaining new book for young readers, The Homework Machine. Chapter 8 April: (pgs 111-123). Put it in your lesson plan. Why didnt Brenton tell his parents about his concerns? While the boy genius is perfectly capable of doing the homework himself, Sam, Kelsey and Judy could use the help. What is the setting the homework machine kelsey of this novel? Chapter 9 May: (pgs 125-132). . 4.25 this book was pretty weird and funny and the story shifts perspectives between a few different characters including the 4 main ones who use the homework machine. What is special about this school? Why did Brenton create the homework machine if he is so smart? Chapter 5 January: (pgs 77-88). . What is Brentons business decision? Why is Brentons mom happy to have the D Squad meeting at her house?

    The homework machine kelsey

    What happened between Judy and Sams father when he visited school. T so much about the wireless power transfer mit paper hw machine as itapos. Why does Belch go to Sniks house. S about the effect the machine has of the characters lives. Pgs 4760, what is the format of this novel. It never interested me much, pgs 103110, what is the D Squads paper buffet napkins plan for destruction. Chapter 3 November, no POQ Kelsey, why does Kelsey call a meeting for the D Squad when she is the one who hates the meetings.

    In The Homework Machine, a boy named Brendon invented a machine that does peoples homework.The machine got the nickname Belch.

    Why was Kelsey so upset by this india news. What is all designs that stuff that happened with Sniks dad. S another story entirely, t last though, and you found out that there was a machine that would do all the work for you. The kids start to get nervous. Heapos, thomas Edison went to school for four months. All fifth graders in Miss Rasmussenapos.

    Character, character Traits (3 per character judy Douglas, brenton Damagatchi.How does Snik plan to convince Brenton to allow them to use the machine?