With this media you can make professional looking, clear, ultra removable labels or stickers with your desktop laser printer. 2018!
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    Water Resistant Polyester Decal Paper. Just Print Your Image. Click the arrow on the drop down window and select the quantity package. You can update the number of packages

    you want or remove items in your shopping. Works in most all laser printers - Printing Instructions are Included. Much more durable than the regular waterslide. . Great for any type of decal even if moisture isn't a factor. Laser decal paper, not Sure What Type of Decal Paper You Need? Laser Waterslide Decal Paper 1 Sheet (Clear).25 USD1 Sheet (White).25 USD5 Sheets (Clear).95 USD5 Sheets (White).95 USD10 Sheets (Clear).95 USD10 Sheets (White).95 USD20 Sheets (Clear).95 USD20 Sheets (White).95 USD50 Sheets (Clear).95 USD50 Sheets (White).95 USD. Hand Washable with a Shiny Durable Baked On Finish. Each sheet.5" X 12" so that an entire.5" X 11" sheet how can be covered but can also be easily cut to cover smaller decals. . Self-adhesive (peel and stick) with a permanent adhesive. Can be gently washed in warm soapy water but is not dishwasher safe. Ultra Cling is removable and reusable and has a very mild adhesive that helps the printed image remain in place for longer periods of time. . Over Laminate Protective Film - clear 2 Sheets (Clear - Matte).15 USD2 Sheets (Clear - Semi Gloss).15 USD2 Sheets (Clear - Glossy).15 USD5 Sheets (Clear - Matte).95 USD5 Sheets (Clear - Semi Gloss).95 USD5 Sheets (Clear - Glossy).95 USD10. Should not be used on dishes that will come in contact with food. Decals require no drying time as the heat of the laser will bond the toner to the label, leaving you with a flawless finish. Thickness is about the same as a regular sheet of printer/copier paper. Removes quick and easy and can be reused again. Although not stated as waterproof, the labels have tested smudge proof even when moisture is present.

    Laser static cling decal paper

    Mirro" and other outdoor graphics to protect from finger weathering. Glass, x 1" albums, waterproof, your printer settings, adhesive backed. Permanent selfadhesive labels give wrapping a high quality professional finish to your products. Laser Water slide Decal Paper is available with a Clear or White finish. Can be used for a full sheet design or multiple designs that can easily be cut from the sheet. Die cast cards " over laminate is a clear, the user is responsible for determining suitability with his printer and application.

    Ideal for clear interior window clings.10 Sheets.5 x 11 Papilio laser decal paper ; Print straight from your computer to your laser printer.20 Label Outfitters Full Sheet.5 x 11 White.

    Paper lemmy koopa Laser static cling decal paper

    Designed for high quality, this decal paper is not made to be fired in a ceramic kiln or applied to dishes that will come into contact with food 95 USD Laser True Static Cling Available. Semi Gloss or High Gloss finish 345 degrees F for 15 to 20 minutes. And is recommended for car windows laser static cling decal paper and glass windows where there may be moisture.

    When printing to view on the outside, you will "reverse" or "mirror" your printer settings. .Also comes in a long lasting Permanent adhesive.