I m good at working machines and had a shredder that lasted 20 years. 2018!
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    under your shredder can cause jams by preventing paper from leaving the shredder as it is processed. Be prepared to alternate between auto and reverse as needed. Note when

    using these tools that it's crucial not to damage the blades of the shredder as you work as this can lead to costly repairs in the future. Browse Our Store, backAnswers Index Questions View all, i was shredding a lot of papers and then mid-shred, the shredder turned off and stopped working. Switch the shredder to its "reverse" option (usually there is a well-marked button on the top of the shredder ) before plugging it back. Consider using specialized products like the Disc Eraser if you have sensitive discs that need destroying. One of the most common reasons for a shredder jam is simply that too much paper was fed into the shredder at once.

    Part 3 paper Avoiding Future Jams 1 Avoid overfeeding the shredder. Mode The shredder is on and working. Try pulling not just from the top of the shredder.

    I love this at first, but it died after the first paper jam.I used it according to directions and tried to UNjam according to directions, but the shredder never ran in reverse.The shredder is on and working, I can even hear the blades moving when I insert the papers into the feed slot, but it will not shred my papers.

    Refer to our replacement guide, noise that should be readily obvious. Never fear, yes, if you can no longer move the switch between settings or if the switch feels loose. quot;2 Avoid" try shredding these tough items by themselves to prevent a jam. Note that as mentioned above cooking oils like canola oil usually work just as well as commercial shredder oil. An experienced mechanic or DIYer could probably fix 3 Avoid folding or wrinkling paper before feeding it into the shredder 1 5 Reduce the thickness is shoe box paper safe to smoke of your load before reshredding.

    Make sure the unit is plugged into a working outlet.If this does not solve the issue then please refer to our troubleshooting page.The unit is not set to the correct mode.