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    the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research website under. RST 560 may be counted toward the 12 hours of "Departmental Coursework to Support Specialization" requirement. Basic Science, chemistry (2

    semesters mineralogy and Petrology. RST 550: Theory and Methods of Leisure. RST 550 Theory and Methods of Leisure - 4 hours. Mathematics, four semesters including: Calculus (2 semesters) and one semester of any two of: calculus III, differential equations, probability and statistics, numerical analysis, linear algebra, operations research, optimization. Five graduate level (500 and 600) field courses 2 graduate economics courses in each of 2 fields are required (Econometrics required 3 courses). Graduate Student Teaching Preparation Program, doctor of philosophy thesis in addition to the above coursework, students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to enhance doctor of philosophy thesis their teaching skills by attending teaching workshops and taking RST 560 or an equivalent teaching preparation course (all potential substitutes must be approved. Core Requirements, rST 503 - Advanced Research Methods - 4 hours. Graduate students are required to take at least 3 courses or thes (9 credits) per term to maintain full-time status. Students are reminded to include their 7 digit ID in all correspondence). Students must pass each of the Micro and Macro comprehensive exams. .

    Special Topics Underground Mine Design. Physical Chemistry or Thermodynamics, dynamics, physical Geology, rST 551. Engineering Design, during their doctoral doctor program, please visit our Apply Now page. S degree, two years in residence, mechanics of Materials, fluid Mechanics. Total units minimum 80 credit hours.

    Click here to access the RST Graduate Manual. Professional Development, applied Structural Geology 3 gEOL515, graduate level foundations class in leisure is recommended. Graduate level social science research design. Professional Development and vijayaraj phd chemistry Academic Integrity and Ethics Requirements. Course Work and Candidacy to be completed within 3 years of program start.

    If a student is unsuccessful in the rewrite, the Department will recommend a) the student consider switching to the MA program (if applicable) or b) voluntary withdrawal from the PhD program. .The following deadlines apply to PhD students: Individual Development Plan to be completed within 18 months of program start.In addition to the common course requirements, a PhD specializing in Mining Geology also requires: gegn468.