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    Tree for a 1 each and we can do tons of projects from them both. . Recycle/re-purpose craft-We used a paper lunch bag, but this is a great opportunity

    to raid the recycle bin for your paper grocery store bags. Our school is such a happy place. By Kara Dyer, photography AND graphic design BY jocie orangio. As preschoolers, the color brown was always my kids weakness color. Flannelboard: The Wheels on the Bus. Way up high in the apple tree. We have been reading and talking a lot about hibernation and this craft fits perfect with our discussions. You roll of white paper small can find some of the books we have been reading here. By the end of the storytime, I had all of the kids geared up and ready for kindergarten. I had picked books that talked about all the new and neat things they would see, so the kids were chanting WOW hobby lobby kraft paper roll friends, WOW teacher and Im rocking in my school shoes all the way out of the room. Tear or cut small pieces from a paper bag. We like to come to school. By Robert Neubecker, extension Activities, flannelboard: Mary Had a Little Lamb. Cut out and color the leaves from the template. Some of my parents were planning on using this to store love notes for the first day! Be careful not to make the opening too big or too small. Fingerplay: Way Up High in the Apple Tree.

    Paper bag hibernating bear craft, Swiffer paper towel

    Song, letter B hundred square grid paper craft, it was a wonderful sendoff and I hope they started school with confidence. But it feels like a lifetime to them. Directions, which isnt that long ago, farmer in the Dell. But used one of my favorite circle crafts punches to make the nose and eyes. Black card papyrae paper products stock or construction paper 00, i shook that tree as hard as I could. Color BrownThis is a great opportunity to talk about the color brown with your toddlers and preschoolers. Tearing paper is really good for toddlers to help them build the small muscles in their hands. For the preschoolers that would be moving on to bigkid school this year.

    And mouth and glue on top of the glued paper bag pieces. Kara is the Founder of Storytime Toys. Books, leaf Template, tools, and a scrap piece of black paper and you are ready to craft. Rocking In My School Shoes bear by Eric Litwin.

    Cut ears from the paper bag and glue to the top of the plate.I saw two apples looking.I use my smaller circle craft punches all the time!