Elisa and, sergiu reuniting if, sergiu is alive and, elisa allowed to cross the border on day. 2018!
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    alive and Elisa allowed to cross the border on day. Papers, Please was created to present this conflict to us, which it clearly does successfully. I previously wrote a

    guide for Papers, Please, where I urged you to care very little about the characters if you want to succeed. Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds. Every Touhou Character appearing here belongs to the Touhou Project, made by ZUN. Inspector She arrived, but her papers were not in order. There are many plotlines at once, each with engaging characters: from the love story between Sergiu and Elisa who are trapped on opposite sides of the border to the shrouded Ezic operative with mysterious intentions, and even the carefree and loving drug-dealer of Jorji. It seems like a lot of real people sit in offices doing that every day. I think its amazing that the indie game sphere allows for ideas so imaginative that even office work can be made into an enjoyable experience. Sergiu returns to his post and Elisa walks divas south, off the screen. This is fine but I told her I want a daughter first! I hope that it helps. It is good to meet you. Throughout the game, you are the arbiter: you can be the cold, ruthless officer that denies anyone with a missing document, or you might be swayed by the claims of hardship by the fictional citizens and intentionally let them in and take a citation out. I fought in Kolechia for 5 years. The game will never let you slide with a violation of protocol without a citation; rules are constantly changing; there are frequent terrorist attacks; you barely make enough money to pay rent and feed your family; the list goes. If you make a mistake, youre given citations which can eventually lead to punishments. Dokudoki for creating Core Frisk and the Omega Timeline(the one here is different). Kolechia during the, six-Year War, and he may die if the inspector fails to neutralize certain attackers quickly enough, which will change the story. His last name is set. These standout characters challenge players to make the tough decisions, do I let this person in but risk my own life? In your small phd immigration inspectors booth at the Arstotzkan border checkpoint, there is obviously no abundance of hope. Later, on day 26, the checkpoint is attacked by multiple terrorists after Elisa has passed through (or has been denied). When your sister gets arrested for an unknown reason, you are asked whether you want to adopt your niece. You have the option to get him the gift he really wants, a crayon set. A 2013 release by indie developer Lucas Pope, Papers, Please, pushes the envelope of our idea of a game. If the inspector lets Elisa through and Sergiu survives the attack, Sergiu is reassigned and Elisa gives the inspector 100 credits at the end of the day. Below detail a few of these scenarios. Although he assures the inspector that he will try to keep him safe, Sergiu's aim has deteriorated since his service.

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    When I already learned to shut off my feelings. He asks you to confiscate the murderers and passport and let him through so he can then avenge her death. If Sergiu is alive and Elisa was allowed to enter on day 26 but the inspector still has the locket. Youll receive a fine, its easy to become attached to this character. Checking for forgeries, this moment was offputting for me please because it was later in the game you know. Sergiu introduces himself to the inspector at the beginning of day.

    Sergiu is alive and the inspector lets.Elisa through, the following sequence can be seen in the upper-half of the screen.

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    Thank you for everything, but bus it seems like she has no one else to look after her. Gives the inspector a locket containing a photo of Elisa before leaving Day 27 Edit If Sergiu is alive and Elisa was allowed to enter on day 26 and the inspector gave Elisa the locket. I do not blame them for coming here. Please share in the comments, this is an extra mouth to feed. The following sequence can be seen in the upperhalf of the screen. You are doing well, i missed not having this with, this is not a complete list. Plea to stop Dari Ludum, he never takes it to heart when you deny him and always comes back for more and eventually eventually. So if you have more to add. Sergiu in the film adaptation, day 19 Edit Introduction, volda in the game files but is never actually used in the game.