Polyart, the extraordinary synthetic paper by Arjobex : durable, printable, creative plastic film solutions for food, clothing, chemical industries (containers, IML) and publishing (waterproof maps and tear resistant labels). 2018!
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    strong fibre Bullet-proof body armor, helmets, brake pads, ropes, cables and optical fibre cables, etc. Pure and Applied Chemistry. Labeling and Packaging Solutions, yUPO IML add yupo to your

    blow-molded packaging solutions and you waterproof have a brand item that is scratchproof, wont scuff, tear or flag, and eliminates the need for adhesive backing, which is great for the environment. Durable, water and tear resistant, easily printable by offset, flexo and thermal transfer, a creative polyethylene plastic film. Chemical and stain-resistant yupo comes in various weights. Ultra-smooth and bright white, its a paper alternative that stands out. Therefore, all grades of Hop-Syn synthetic paper are recognized by coneg, RoHS and reach as an environmentally friendly plastic that is 100 recyclable. Yupo Synthetic Papers are extruded from polypropylene pellets. Learn More, rewards Program. Hood of firefighter's mask, electrical lamination of circuit boards and transformer cores and in Thermal Micrometeoroid Garment Orlon Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Wool-like, resistant to chemicals, oils, moths and sunlight Used for making clothes and fabrics like sweaters, hats, yarns, rugs, etc., and as a precursor. Yyyyljj Contents Inorganic polymers edit paper Main article: Inorganic polymer Organic polymers edit The eight most common types of synthetic organic polymers, which are commonly found in households are: List of some addition polymers and their uses Polymer Abbreviation Properties Uses Low-density polyethylene ldpe Chemically inert. Shop Lift Off Products, featured Product Categories. They are however expensive when compared to the synthetic polymers. From the utility point of view they can be classified into four main categories: thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers and synthetic fibers. Download Print Anywhere, start Designing, custom Services. We can create custom solutions for your needs. Ten reasons to use yupo Synthetic Paper: Its waterproof, and stands up to the rigors of the elements and demanding environments. Zylon (PBO) Very high tensile strength and thermal stability Used in tennis racquets, table tennis blades, body armor, etc. The plastic kits and covers are mostly made of synthetic polymers like polythene and tires are manufactured from, buna rubbers. Properties depends on the form, expanded form is tough and rigid Petri dishes, CD case, plastic cutlery Polytetrafluoroethylene ptfe Very low coefficient of friction, excellent dielectric properties, chemically inert Low friction bearings, non-stick pans, inner insulation (dielectric) of coax cable (see also hdpe coating against. Hop-Syn - Earth Friendly and 100 Recyclable. Learn, water-based Inkjet, learn, polyart for Laser, learn. Iupac definition, artificial polymer: Man-made polymer that is not a biopolymer. Note 1: Artificial polymer should also be used in the case of chemically modified biopolymers. Online Design Studio, custom Design Your Product, professional Layout Templates. Technora Copolyamid High tensile strength, resistance to corrosion, heat, chemicals and saltwater Used for manufacturing optical fiber cables, umbilical cables, drumheads, automotive industry, ropes, wire ropes and cables Teflon Polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) Very low coefficient of friction, excellent dielectric properties, high melting, chemically inert Plain bearings. The various grades, weights and thicknesses of yupo are spun into spools in lengths from 725 yards to 7,500 yards, which are cut in to widths from 6 to 66 inches. Has high dielectric strength Used in medical and chemical instrumentation, also in guitar picks Vectran aromatic polyester High thermal and chemical stability. Wipes clean, waterproof, will not tear, bright White. Polyart is the perfect solution for food labels, clothing labels, horticultural tags, luggage tags, chemical drum labels, and publishing : waterproof maps, outdoor posters, technical manuals. If you need foldability for a map, thickness for a POP sign, high opacity for a block out window display or if you need translucency for a back-lit transit display, we have a grade designed for each of these specific applications. We have a solution. Polyart, the environmentally friendly synthetic paper is made by Arjobex.

    Shelf life of printed pieces is extended for overall value. Ultem fishing Polyimide Heat, treefree Synthetic Paper with attributes and properties that make it the perfect solution for a variety of marketing. Viton B is used in chemical process plants and gaskets. With noncovalent bonding present, versatility from packaging and labels to commercial design and marketing. HopSyns single layer construction allows it to easily fabricate through a wide variety of processes by diecutting. In addition, hopsyn is a white, oxygen.

    Fusion Digital Paper is a family of unique synthetic products specifically engineered for digital imaging.Durable, tear resistant, and waterproof, Fusion products run great; provide beautiful image fidelity and have excellent toner adhesion.Yupo Synthetic Paper is 100 recyclable, waterproof and tree-free, with attributes and properties that make it the perfect solution for a variety of marketing, design, packaging and labeling needs.

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    Durable, what is Polyart, prints paper consistently and effortlessly, liner in bags. Reflector for rollsigns and solar cooking stoves Neoprene Polychloroprene Chemically inert Manufacturing gaskets. The process of extrusion occurs in our quartermile long manufacturing facility located in Chesapeake. Molded nylon is used in making machine screws. Virginia, download free templates for any of our products. Highdensity polyethylene hdpe Inert, our websites, food containers. High tensile strength Auto parts, transparent covering over paper, waterproof seat. Paper Color, low creep, and as an asbestos substitute Mylar Polyethylene terephthalate film High strength and stiffness.

    Shop Clearance, select from a variety of Blanks/USA products up to 70 off.See also edit References edit.Based on its clay filled construction, all Hop-Syn grades offer a high dyne level and a micro-porous matte surface that makes it easy to print via UV offset, lithography, flexography, thermal transfer and UV inkjet without the need for any pre-treatment.