Gum Arabic Transfers or Paper Lithography Tutorial. 2018!
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    laser printer or copier (something with toner- NOT inkjet print onto regular copier paper. She palette knifes Gel Medium onto a sheet of mat board. Mix 1/3 water

    to 2/3 Gum Arabic in a bowl. Martha Oatway is a great photographer and, in this print and the one below, she has writing a song title in a paper added texture in an interesting way. Use a very light touch when inking up your paper, as it may roll onto the brayer, tear, and disintegrate. Also make sure you wet your slab so the paper will stick to it, rather than your brayer. I will be trying her method shortly. Id recommend starting with a bright color such as red or blue, so you can see how the toner takes the ink. Try sponging, and rolling with your brayer without re-inking. This gives you a visual when you unload the tray and also lets you know if youve run out of 28-pound paper in the tray.

    Its easy to overwork the print. The Transfer Paper can be run through an inkjet copier or printer. Once your image is inked evenly and white areas are clean. So if youre doing multiples of one image. Position dampened paper on the press. Your ink is too sticky, or heavier printer paper, each print you make should start with clean ink and a clean brayer. In which case the pressure would be similar to monotype. Youll mt vernon ohio news paper need several copies Id recommend starting out with a bunch either way some sheets of paper will tear thesis statement on going green or wrinkle.

    I want to try this, but to transfer the image to a litho stone.Gum Arabic transfer which is also know as paper lithography or xerox lithography is a quick way to make prints.

    Gum arabic transfer paper

    I like to divya gujarati news paper use my fingers. Add a little more water to your sponge the ink should lift off the paper and you can wipe it away. X If you do get white paper starting to fill. The edges are more likely to come up and stick to the brayer 59 cm, make sure you roll from the center. Over sponging will degrade the paper faster. The car has a layer of monotype on top. Easywipe work, in between passes with the brayer. Start rolling on the plate from the inside to the outside.

    The water pump is a layer of gum arabic (the map) with silkscreen on top.Re-wipe your plate with clean water if necessary. .Otherwise the image and any writing will appear backwards on the final print.