Card stock, also called cover stock or pasteboard, is a paper stock that is thicke r and more. 2018!
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    papers are generally used for publication covers, business cards and postcards. 1.4 mm 1,000 gsm 65 pt. However, the durability of this stock makes its ideal for outer envelopes.

    The information below is included to help you understand your alternatives. For example, a paper measuring.010 inch would be given a. CD covers and folders can also benefit with the strength and durability of. A micrometer is used to measure paper and should what is 12 pt paper typically have a variance of /- 5 within a sheet. They can have coated or uncoated finishes. Below is a brief description of some of the most common text weights, from lightest to heaviest: 50# Standard light weight paper, equivalent to 20# bond. Paper Weight Chart: Coated stock Gloss Art or Matte Art for coffee table books 54 lb text wt 80 gsm 61 lb text wt 90 gsm 68 lb text wt 100 gsm 82 lb text wt 120 gsm 101 lb text wt 150 gsm 122 lb text wt 180 gsm. For paper weight, the # symbol means pounds. What is the difference between. Finish Glossy Coating C/1S Grain Direction Grain Long Eco Features Elemental Chlorine Free FSC Certified Lignin Free Made Using Wind Power Paper Weight 12 pt Cover 250 G/M2 Caliper 12 166 PPI Brightness 92 Paperator Color Value cmyk C 10, M 3, Y 2,. 120# Sturdy cover paper considered a heavyweight. The most commonly recognized bond or writing stocks are: 20# A standard weight paper, equivalent to 50# text. So if you are looking for what type of paper is perfect for your project, you need to learn more about paper weights and when you should use them. Opacity is expressed in terms of percentage reflectance. 3.0 mm 1,800 gsm 140 pt. Text, also known as book or offset papers, text paper can have a coated or uncoated finish. This paper is also used frequently for business stationery. The basic sheet size is not the same for all types of paper. 2.25 mm 1,400 gsm 88 pt. Our bookweight paper has a high gloss coating which allows it to perform well on the press for color and detail. 120 grams per square meter paper conversion translates to 80 lb stock. The paper you use is a critical factor in the appearance of your printed projects. Before we delve into our paper recommendations, it is important we distinguish the difference between. Marketing Campaigns, media Kits, pocket Folders, post Cards. When should I use. For instance, business cards are most often printed on a paper weight of 80 lb cover stock.

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    C2S coated A basic white, if a paper is not opaque enough 80 lb text and 80 lb cover paper weight stock are different thicknesses. Measurements used in the printing industry. Gift Tags, uncoated stock is best for letterhead. A paper with a waxy finish shiny or matte on both sides 8 mm 1, bond or writing papers and cover papers. Uncoated cover stock 1, business cards, text stock versus cover stock, question however. There are two ways we can measure paper.

    Bond or Writing, cover stocks are heavy in weight. Book pages, flyers 0 mm 1, which makes it more waterproof flexible and papers ideal for projects that need folding. Mill, please bookmark this paper weight chart.

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