It's not hard to learn how to make a paper frog such as this one. 2018!
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    fun learning activity. Turn the frog so that the feet are on the bottom. Flip them over so that the back is facing you. 14 Draw a black

    fly on the tongue if you want a hungry frog. Place your thumb inside the bottom pocket, and the rest of your fingers into the top pocket. Submit Tips Cut a slit into the middle of the fold, then insert a party blower. Part 3 Adding the Details 1 Glue some googly eyes to the semi-oval eye bases. To do this, take a white sheet of paper, cut out a square of 15 by 15 centimeters from it, then fold it into an origami pattern, which is very clearly shown in this tutorial. Once upon a time in China, paper was invented. 9 You can use liquid glue or a glue stick for this part. Please like and subscribe. 4 Add some light green or yellow dots for warts. You need to bend these corners in half, and then bend. Make the back feet a little bigger than the front feet. Than not an occupation for a sick kid? Make sure that the green part on each plate is on the outside. You can use liquid glue or a glue stick for this part. 3 3, fold the paper plates in half. Use scissors or a paper cutter to cut a 1-inch strip of red paper, then round the edges. We continue to make a frog. Make them different sizes. The upper corners of the rectangle are folded inward along the diagonal folds. In the specialized literature or on the Internet, you canRead how to make a bird out of paper, for example, a paper crane. 11 5 paper cutters and trimmers Use the puppet. In this post, learn how to make an adorable and fun.

    And glue them onto the frog instead. More video from our channel Handmade. It is necessary to follow the scheme or how to make paper frog dailymotion plan as this is shown in the video tutorial.

    There are quite a few folds, but also lots of repeating folds.How to make paper frog easy best-, how to, make a, paper, frog that Jumps High and Far.Traditional Jumping, frog " - (Variation 2) - Action Fun Origami.

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    Acrylic, after you have bent the lanterns short sides from the center to the edges. Directions for Paper Plate Frog Craft. Then draw a cute Kawaii face and cut out a cupcake. Did you try these steps, but not all scientists agree swiffer with this opinion.

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    Get two thin, paper plates with scalloped edges.Embed Code span class"sg-embed-wrapper" data-format"wide" data-width"516px" data-height"474px" Check out a href hbgt4s" How to Make a Frog From Paper /a by a target blank" Al-Abed /a.