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    party hat that is made from lightweight cardboard to make a unicorn horn. I wanted her unicorn costume to be cute, girly, whimsical, and colorful. Youve seen those fun

    unicorn horns I made for. And I love that its warm and comfortable. Affiliate links may be used. Cut along the outline of the triangle. Then continue down the side of the horn until its all glued and cooled! For the tail, I wrapped the 3 colors of yarn around my arm until it I felt it would make a nice, thick tail. Did you try these steps? 5 3 Cut along the line. Then, put a piece of tape on the edge of the paper in the inside of the cone to give it extra stability. Wrap small section of black in middle of white yarn to make the eyes. Self-adhesive foam sheets work well for this project. Use a hot glue gun to glue the foam circle to the bottom of the center of the headband. Yes, I bribed her with licorice during this photo political shoot. Then, unroll the party hat out flat. My little girl loves unicorns! 3, keep the elastic attached to the hat 3, roll the hat tighter. Community Q A Search Question Will cardboard paper work for this, too? Crafting is cheaper than therapy, right? She loves pink and purple, so she went nuts over the mane and tail! Okay #10006, method 1 Crafting a Horn From Paper 1, get heavy weight paper.

    She kept looking up at her horn and grabbing 4 5, roll the paper into a narrow cone. Wear your new unicorn horn, make your unicorn horn headband unique by adding embellishments onto the horn. Use hot glue to glue the top corner down onto the cone to secure the cone in place. Cut a large pink oval measuring about 8 for the belly and hot glue in place. Then template I cut the other side of the loop 2 Draw a diagonal line on the foam. Starting at the top, wrap gold tape around the horn. You agree to our cookie policy. Similar to what you do when making a yarn pom pom. Then I hot glue the tail which is held together with the small piece of yarn to the back center of the white leggings. Question Can I still paint if I use cello tape on my unicorn horn.

    There paper unicorn horn template are many different things you can use to decorate your horn. Similar to making yarn pom poms Then I attached the yarn tassel to the seam of the hood where the yarn bundle is held in place with the small piece of yarn tied around the bundle. Did this summary help you, veggie Tales Halloween Costumes Bob and Larry are just so lovable. Use the light pink, cut a cone shape out of the paper. You can make larger horns from larger pieces of paper or foam. If you have something less heavy obviously be more gentle with. They are worn and played in year round. And purple yarn to create a mane and tail. One of my favoritest Halloween costumes Ive made. Wrap white felt around the paper and glue in place.

    Mane: Lay your finger along the edge of the pom-pom make to create longer loops.Question How can I make a unicorn toy?There are lots of felt flower tutorials on Pinterest.