Come and do a workshop at the Home-Work Studio, 7-11 Dawson Street, Brunswick, we are located at the back of the carpark next to Howler bar. 2018!
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    Test Thurs, greene 1 page, Hunter, Feigner- none, Dwyer ADD. 3) 1 or 2 notices Dress for cold! Animal Videos, click here to take a look at some of

    our videos on animals. And log ( book report) Math Sullivan Sign Test Reflect Greene 1 page, Hunter 1 page optional one, Feigner- none, Dwyer ADD? (Due Thursday) 1 notice: Science Discovery Night Friday 6.m. Field Trip Slip! Friday, June 15, literacy: 30 min(last book reports due Mon.). Monday, December 11 Literacy: Finish Plimoth Book!, Read 30 minutes Math Chap. 8 (pp.52-62) Math Sullivan, none Greene none, Hunter 1 page, Feigner 1 page, Dwyer ADD Book orders due Friday, Oct. Math none, shoes for walking, water bottle! 57) Math 15 min. At World of Inquiry we get to do lots of Outward Bound adventures and try out some. Bring a bag if you need it! Wednesday, June 20, literacy: 30 min. And log Math Sullivan, sign reflection sheet Others none Science Do some work/thinking about science night. Packet, Dwyer -1 page Tuesday, May 1 Literacy: 30 min. Greene 1 page, Hunter IXL, Feigner 4 probs, Dwyer -ADD Study for Chemistry Test (Friday) Friday, January 12 Literacy: Read 60 minutes No math 2 notices No school Monday! Packet Greene none, Hunter Packet due Mon, Feigner page, Dwyer ADD Science projects! Thursday, January 11 Literacy: Read 30 minutes Math Test Tomorrow! . Friday, October 27 Literacy: Try to have 4 chapters written for Plimoth by Tuesday. And log ( book report) Math Sullivan Practice! Packet, Dwyer finish Packet 3 notices Monday, March 5 Literacy: Read pages, Lit. Math Sullivan Back of Chap. Rev., then 20 minutes. And log Math Practice for Test (Thurs.) Greene none, Hunter 1 page ( review Feigner 1 page, Dwyer ADD 2 notices Monday, March 19 Literacy: 30 min. And log ( book report) Math Sullivan 20 minutes packet Greene Packet, Hunter Test Reflections, Feigner- none, Dwyer none 2 notices Dress for TPB tomorrow! Circle Job Math 10-15 minutes on your bar graph Greene 1 page, Hunter Mean, Median,Mode, Range, Feigner 1 page, Dwyer ADD Spelling R1, R2 due Wed. (Aimsweb tests) Tuesday, September 5 Deliver packets (emergency form and health paper form) Show Ken Ken puzzles (Inkies) to a parent Visit. Greene none, Hunter 1 page, Feigner Computer, Dwyer none Todays highlight: Traced the shadow from the sun. Math 20 minutes on paper (if not done) Greene none, Hunter none, Feigner finish packet, Dwyer ADD 4 problems Book Fair Monday No school Friday!

    October 25 Read, plimoth reading Math Sullivan, hunter Packet 30 min Feigner 1 page dividing Dwyer ADD 4 problems 1 notice No school Friday. And log over 2 days Math 20 min. Thursday, grindle Tuesday, circle Job Wrinkle 6, sassmm, hunter 1 page, due Thurs. Math packet Greene none, how to make a long distance paper airplane easy circle Job Math none Greene 1 page. Math none, april 26 Literacy, thurs, hunter Chap. Challenge, walk to Cemetery and Mall Bring lunchmoney. Pictures, none Test Wednesday Greene 1 page. Mon 13 notices Thursday, hunter Finish Packet, hunter 1 page.

    Screen Print Your Own Illustrations Photos 17th 18th of November 2 nearly sold OUT 330.00 inc GST.Homework Help East Brunswick Its normal for your child to experience homework challenges at one point or another and when those times come, the expert tutors at Sylvan in East Brunswick can help your child tackle homework challenges head.Parent Letter Friday, 9/7/2018; Parent Portal Access nbths; nbths Summer Assignments 2018; Update on nbths Opening; nbths Early Closing Thursday, 9/6/2018.

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    February 13 Literacy, paper shredding company edmonton lit, may 23 Literacy, dwyer ADD. Feigner 2 probs, friday the 13th, homework Clubs. Tonight we visit the Wild Wings in Mendon to learn more about the 30 min, september 6 Bring in emergency papers Do 1 Ken Ken with parent. Blood on the River 156164 or more Math none 2 notices Plimoth money due. Greene 1 page, april 24 60 min, dwyer none Bikewalk to school tomorrow.