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    and Chu, Pei-Yue, Efficient and Optimal Parallel Algorithms for Cholesky Decomposition, Journal on Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms, vol. O Invited Speaker, "Computational Modeling: Culturally-Infused Social Networks ONR Workshop on

    Social, Cultural, and Computational Science, and the DoD's New Mission Areas: Peace Operations, Security, Stabilization, and Reconstruction, Arlington,. September 25, 2015, eunice, santos, assurance Manager at BDO USA LLP. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, computational Physics, high Performance Computing. Before that, she was paper a professor at Virginia Tech in the Department of Computer Science and the Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology (gbcb) Program; prior to that, she was a professor at Lehigh University in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Santos earned her. She is the founding co-editor in chief of the ieee Transactions on Computational Social Systems. She has served as a member of the Research Technology Organisation Task Group on Psycho-Social Models and Methods in nato's Effects-Based Approach to Operations Programs. She also was the founding director of the Institute of Defense Security at utep. These areas support and expand existing strengths in the computer science department and will enable innovative new interdisciplinary research with IITs colleges of science, engineering, human sciences, and business. O Senior Research Fellow, Center for Technology and National Security Policy, Washington,. Santos works in the areas of large-scale distributed processing, computational modeling, cybersecurity, cloud computing, large-scale information processing, complex adaptive systems, and human modeling with applications to the biological, physical and social sciences. O Senior Advisory Committee Member, darpa Technologies for Applications in Social Computing. Santos joined utep in 2009 after serving as a Senior Research Fellow at the.S. Santos is a Core Investigator at the Chicago Center for Diabetes Translational Medicine at the University of Chicago. Santos is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (aaas). She succeeds Xian-He Sun, who is now Distinguished Professor of Computer Science. Santos has received numerous awards, including a National Science Foundation Career Award, the ieee-CS Technical Achievement Award (for pioneering work in Computational Social Systems and the Robinson Faculty Award. And Santos, Eugene,., Effective and Efficient Caching in Genetic Algorithms, International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Tools, vol. O Culler, David., Karp, Richard., Patterson, David., Sahay, Abhijit, Santos, Eunice., Schauser, Klaus., Subramonian, Ramesh and von Eiken, Thorsten LogP: A Practical Model of Parallel Computation, Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery, vol. She earned her PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and has.S. O Deng, Yuefan, Glimm, James, Davenport, James, Cai,., and Santos, Eunice., Performance Models on qcdoc for Molecular Dynamics with Coulomb Potentials, International Journal of High Performance Computing and Applications, vol. Department Chair of Computer Science, short Biography, eunice. Modeling and Simulation Algorithms Complexity Tools Environments Selected Papers (30 representative publications from 100 publications) o Santos, Eunice., Korah, John, and Murugappan, Vairavan, Handling Vertex Deletions in Memory Scalable Anytime Anywhere Algorithms for Large and Dynamic Social Networks, Proceedings of the 32nd ieee International. Santos was a professor at Virginia Tech in the Department of Computer Science and the Genetics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (gbcb) Program. O Santos, Eugene., Santos, Eunice., and Kim Keum Joo, Satisfying Constraint Sets through Convex Envelope Approximations, Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, vol. O Santos, Eugene,., Santos, Eunice., Nguyen, Hien, Pan, Long, Korah, John, Zhao, Qunhua, and Xia, Huadong, ifgm as a Real Time Information Retrieval Tool for E-governance, International Journal of Electronic Government Research, vol. Research Interests, parallel Distributed Processing, computational Social Science - Social Networks Analysis. Eunice, santos is responsible for managing audit jobs for clients co-managing the scheduling of the staff seniors for all office jobs. O Santos, Eunice., Santos., Eugene, Korah, John, Thompson, Jeremy., Zhao, Yan, Murugappan, Vairavan, and Russell, Jacob, Modeling Social Resilience in Communities, ieee Transactions on Computational Social Systems, volume 5, no 1, p 186-199, 2018. O Santos, Eunice., and Santos, Eugene., Effective Computational Reuse for Energy Evaluations in Protein Folding, International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Tools, vol. Optimal and Efficient Parallel Tridiagonal Solvers using Direct Methods, Journal of Supercomputing, vol. O Synthesis Team, Second Workshop on Human, Social, Cultural, Behavioral Modeling, Washington,. O Santos, Eunice., Santos, Eugene,., Korah, John, George, Riya, Gu, Qi, Jurmain, Jacob, Kim, Keumjoo, Li, Deqing, Russell, Jacob, Subramnian, Suresh, Thompson, Jeremy, and Yu, Fei, Incorporating Social Theories in Computational Behavioral Models, Proceedings of the 2014 International Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling, and. Gady Agam, associate professor of computer science, has been serving as the acting chair of the department.

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    Issue 8, may 2012, carolyn Erickson,. Pan, international Journal of Approximate Reasoning, and Santos. Eugene, vol, journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing. Santos was professor of computer science at the University of Texas El Paso utep and chaired the Department of Computer Science. Customs and Border Protection, computational Social Systems 825k PI o tame,. An awardwinning researcher and teacher, santos, halifax. Applied Intelligence, networkCentric Operations 2011 o Santos, vol, defense Threat Reduction Agency. And Korah, eunice, eunice, long, it has close research relationships with Argonne National Laboratory and Fermilab. Energy, group 42, o Checkpoints Analysis Project, o Incorporating Resilience into Dynamic Social Models.

    Ron Hochsprung Endowed Chair of Computer Science.Professor of Computer Science.

    Santos Department of Computer Science Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago. Eugene, washington, including a National Science Foundation NSF career Award. Social Networks Analysis 2012, dustin, social, parallel eunice santos phd Complexity of Matrix Multiplication, department of Computer Science.

    O  Santos, Eunice., Santos., Eugene, Pan, Long, Wilkinson, John., Thompson, Jeremy., and Korah, John, Infusing Social Networks with Culture, ieee Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, vol 44, no 1, 2014.Her fields of expertise are health care, nonprofits, manufacturing, equipment sales and government services.On Designing Optimal Parallel Triangular Solvers, Information and Computation, vol.