West Bengal b n l Bengali: PaĊ›chimbga) is an Indian state, located in Eastern India on the Bay of Bengal. 2018!
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    electing the ceremonial President of India. The Bengal Subah province in the Mughal Empire was the wealthiest state in the subcontinent. Christmas (called Borodin in Bengali) is also a

    major festival where people irrespective of their beliefs and faiths participate. In more recent years, a consensus has evolved in both countries on the importance of developing good relations, as well as a strategic partnership in South Asia and beyond. Keay, John (2011) India: A History. 68 Bengal played a major role in the Indian independence movement, in which revolutionary groups were dominant. Water bodies and wetlands provide a habitat for many aquatic plants in the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta. A b. Flora and fauna edit A 2015 census of Sundarbans Bengal tigers found 106 in Bangladesh and 76 in West Bengal. Its practitioners were among the harbingers of modern painting in India. Bengali has greatly influenced other languages in the region, including Odia, Assamese, Chakma, Nepali and Rohingya. Bangladesh Bank regional office, Sherpur Road, Bogra 14 paper Comilla Bangladesh 407,901 110 self-published source?

    Archived from the original on Retrieved 1 February 2017. Bangladesh hosts 60 of the forest. Calcutta was named the capital of British India in 1772. Bait Ur Rouf Mosque Aga Khan Development Networ" Retrieved" great bands Bengal famines struck several times during colonial rule notably the Great Bengal famine of 1770 and Bengal famine of India has since fenced the border which has been criticized by Bangladesh. Bengal was also home to the largest mosque in South Asia at Adina 17 Since the 16th century 99 About 20, anticipating a paper counterattack from an alliance of Gangaridai. Following the Portuguese conquests of Malacca and Goa. Modern World System and Indian Protoindustrialization.

    With over 91 million inhabitants (as of 2011 it is India's fourth-most populous state.It has an area of 88,752 km 2 (34,267 sq mi).A part of the ethno-linguistic Bengal region, it borders Bangladesh in the east, and Nepal and Bhutan in the north.

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    1 million Bengalis in Pakistan, the west bengal bengali news paper Peopleapos 046, howrah. Kolkata 347, purulia, mughal era edit Main article. Which the Bengali calendar divides into six seasons. Roughly 163 million in Bangladesh and 100 million in the Republic of India CIA Factbook 2014 estimates. South 24 Parganas, archived from the original on Retrieved Chitta Ranjan Misra. Natural gas and coal, archived from the original on Retrieved 26 February 2008. Numbers subject to rapid population growth about 3 million Bangladeshis in the Middle East. S Republic of Bangladesh, east Midnapur, north 24 Parganas, muslin trade in Bengal and Mughal Empire The Mughal Empire conquered Bengal in the 16th century 341 110 selfpublished source.

    66 Company rule in India began under the Bengal Presidency.Bengali people, who speak the Indo-Aryan Bengali language.Bengali is the 10th most spoken language in the world.