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    prepared for war. Major readings, among other texts may include: Dominis Holt, waimea summer, kiana Davenport, shark dialogues. Non-major: 5 SO: X FR: X Special Attributes: Curricular Renewal: Reading

    Non-Verbal Texts, Speaking Links to Web Resources For This Course. American Tropics: Literature from the.S. Now with enlarged type. AP Photo/Ricardo Arduengo This July 16, 2014, photo, shows an aerial view of judy newton phd people enjoying the pool and beach area of the Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Talk of a federal bailout elicits laughter in Washington. But anyone from Arizona to Maine can buy triple tax-exempt Puerto Rican bonds. So investors receive all the upside benefit of tax-free bonds with little downside riskexcept, of course, the risk of default. Territory near Puerto Rico, have an exemption from the Jones Act ; Puerto Rico doesnt. Its nearly impossible to get good information about the magnitude of this scheme; hedge funds dont have to report their bond purchases to the Securities and Exchange Commission, whether bought directly from the issuer or traded on the secondary market. Knighthead Capitals Tom Wagner told Bloomberg, Puerto Rico is really an amazing untapped resource that should be attracting a lot of capital. With skills honed by working with noted vulture fund manager Paul Singer, Brodsky is known for his unyielding approach, refusing to compromise or even negotiate. There are also groups for the Government Development Bank and bondholders in cofina. Chelsea Clinton worked previously at Avenue Capital, which recently walked away from negotiations. Hedge funds were prepared to lend even more to Puerto Rico in the summer of 2015, until the governor warned about inability to pay. Puerto Rico has two constraints on how it can spend: a balanced-budget amendment and a debt limit. They dont really care who they take advantage of as long as they make a profit, says Eric LeCompte. As unemployment soared and the economy crashed, Puerto Rico papered over problems by issuing debt. After issuing bonds for over a decade on everything not nailed down, Puerto Rico now carries 73 billion in debt, a sum that GarcĂ­a Padilla had termed not payable in June. The American Prospect magazine. Port, transfer goods headed to Puerto Rico to a separate.S. Stone Lion Capital, which raised 500 million to invest in Puerto Rico, has considered opening an office in the tax haven. This article will appear in the Winter 2016 issue. Gore fame to argue the case. Clearly, a bankruptcy write-down of unpayable debtthe remedy available to distressed corporations via the more familiar Chapter 11is the sensible solution for Puerto Rico. In a December 9 speech at the Peterson Institute, Antonio Weiss, a counselor to the Treasury Department who is coordinating federal efforts on Puerto Rico, said the administration has convened an interagency council to develop a solution, but that resolving Puerto Ricos crisis requires congressional. IN AN october hearing, Senator Bernie Sanders addressed a more obscure option for Puerto Rico. Plus, under the territorial constitution, general obligation debt gets a senior position above virtually all other items in the budget.

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    Puerto Rico, more on this subject, greece. Outrage at the miniature paper mache dress form abandonment of their homeland is sure to reverberate at the ballot box. Three vulture funds have acquired almost all of the debt of the Aqueduct and bus 170 paper Sewer Authority. Philippines and make connections across these American tropics. And Detroit, many activists believe the Federal Reserve could extend emergency financing to Puerto Rico. From the Highway and Transportation Authority to the Electric Power Authority prepa to the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority to a governmentowned corporation called cofina.

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    They see Puerto Rico as an opportunity for huge earnings. Fortress Investment Group american paper puerto rico already has an investment company there. Slashing the minimum wage, the Ad Hoc Group of reportedly 34 hedge funds owns about. The recommendations in the paper included firing teachers.