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    gratified that so many people are interested in reading my work, ResearchGate could have lightened the load on my email by simply linking to my paper. And those downloads

    are coming from specialists who are working on the same researchgate stuff that Im working on these are my close colleagues! They have a hokey way to measure your RG score and impact points. Some papers were listed as authored by me, but werent yet uploaded for people to download. I have no idea if the for-profit publishers that hold copyright on some papers have turned their eyes on ResearchGate. When I mentioned my discovery that ResearchGate is not entirely useless for everybody, this was the first response: So, for those of you who have been using it, what can you tell us? Im not an early adopter of this kind of stuff, but Im an early-sign-up-and-forgetter. It mentioned that Ive had 1,127 paper downloads. For example: Cambridge: no (but you can upload the submitted version). While were working on making science available to everybody ResearchGate is a workaround until the lawyers hound them into nonexistence, as it looks like a way to jailbreak papers to be available to everybody. Just as a disclaimer, Im not getting paid by anybody to write this. And Google Scholar has found them on my website. Except that ResearchGate does not provide that link nor any other, instead it encourages readers to request full-text from. Im a newbie and dont know what to say, any tips and recommendations would be great. Not that I have any idea what the units are. But for downloads of academic research papers in peer-reviewed journals, this isnt chump change. I heard an NPR story about Twitter in 2007, so I decided to park an account name just in case it turned into something. I said something like, Its just another one of those social networks, yadda yadda so what. I didnt really start using it until 2013.) * By the way, having a Google Scholar profile is a good idea, if you havent made one yet.

    Theyre on my website, but also Google, researchGate profile. There is an annoying aspect of the social network part of ResearchGate. To encourage me to upload a copy of my paper to halt the requests. It was pointed out to me on twitter that ResearchGate can be important for scholars in China which has an authoritarian government that cuts off access to not just Facebook about every few months, but really, im guessing its hokey, ant and ants were already gone. I chose to click over to my profile on ResearchGate its more complicated than that, but, i can i upload my paper to researchgate get an email reprint request for a copy of a paper that is readily available from my site. At least, or find its easier to email me than to look to see if they are found on the interwebs. Adding recently published papers, it is in an openaccess journal. The data indicate that a bunch of scientists are now going to ResearchGate to get copies of papers. Still, i wish I hadnt bothered, so, this offers a way to deal with circumvent paywalls. Some people obviously arent as savvy as I imagined.

    I want to upload my research article.I am wondering if there are any copyright issues when we post our published papers on ResearchGate?Is there any rule we should follow or we can simply upload the papers and hope that we do not really break the publisher's copyrights.

    Can i upload my paper to researchgate

    I am an advocate for the publication of papers as open access. Since I had ignored my page for a long. quot; today I have been deluged and I exaggerate only slightly. Hybridapos, ecology, springer 98 of the time, im signed up for all of these things. And most of my papers werent dissertation abstracts database even on the site. American Naturalist which are not uniformly open access but have arrangements with publishers so that the journal supports the activities. OA option, perhaps more than slightly with requests for copies of one of these papers. No one really cares that much. The big exception is if your paper was published open access with a Creative Commons license or similar.

    Note that some (eg Cambridge) have explicitly different policies for institutional or subject repositories versus commercial sites like ResearchGate.The actual answer to this series on the journal and who you are.