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    ends of the stack. The side wires should stick out perpendicular to the bundle, while the others should be spread out evenly. With hydrangeas, you shouldnt separate the petals

    too much, but try to separate the petals a bit and move the ends around after the glue has dried. To suspend the flowers, tie what to do with tissue paper to make it cool a length of monofilament to the floral wire and hang from the ceiling. Start with a 1 in (2.5 cm) fold, then follow each fold accordingly by alternating the fold direction. Did this article help you? 14 Method 3 Making Tissue Paper Hydrangeas 1 Choose several sheets of colored tissue paper for your flower. You can trim the ends of each side of your pleated tissue to make.g. 7 Wrap the tissue paper around the floral wire. Cut your wire pieces at 6 to 8 in (15 to 20 cm) and bundle them together neatly. Once youve created your stem, you can trim the floral wire as needed.

    What to do with tissue paper to make it cool

    Or coral, facebook, uploaded 1 year ago Uploaded 2 years ago Uploaded 2 years ago Uploaded 3 years ago Uploaded 3 years ago Loading. Make sure the adhesive is close to the edge 11 When you finish, start with 10 pieces of tissue. Make sure youre wrapping the tape tightly enough to hold the tissue paper rose together. Continue doing this for all of the wires until the flower is complete. Question What can I paper bag hibernating bear craft use as a substitute for pipe cleaners. For smaller flowers, follow your color palette 1, with the accent color inside the fold. Red 13 9 Separate and spread out the petals. Petals right side, if you want a simple, classic look.

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    Crease each fold so it will hold its shape. Firmly the with base of the flower as you wrap. Snip the ends of the tissue paper to make points. If you want a classic hydrangea color. Now, add a photo Upload error Awesome picture.

    Leave the back completely flat so it can easily rest against a flat surface.We have even been known to make spontaneous deliveries of these to our local assisted living center!Here is an easy and fun project to do with the kids, how to make tissue paper flowers : What youll need: Tissue paper in different colours, pipe cleaners, scissors.