Explain and derive delays in datagram packet switchi. 2018!
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    embellished academic and congenial environment to students for a complete learing experiance. Explain the working mechanism of following devices used to connect LANs. Explain the following. Explain, with

    an example. To provide state-of-art technical infrastructure and motivate students to realise their own potential. Encrypt a3 b11, x3 and. Explain the structure of a typical sensor node. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. 5 What is the need to change from IPV4 to IPV6? Give the format of IPV6 basic header. Write short notes on:. What are the values for the above cases, if every person in a group of ten people needs to communicate with every other person in the group? Give the comparison between public key and secret key crypto graphic systems. What is ATM adaptation layer type 1(AAL1)? Briefly describe ATM layers. Create a clipboard, you just clipped your first slide! Explain the operation of fair queuing scheduler in context with packet scheduling of integrated service. Select another clipboard, looks like youve clipped this slide to already. Unit I :packeting networks. Consider Diffie and Hellman key exchange protocol where n and g are two public random numbers. What are the design goals of ATM? Explain the store and forward packet switching used to send a packet from the source to the destination. What are the six QOS performance parameters in ATM? Successfully reported this slideshow. Apply RSA and do the following. How can they be prevented? What are Ad-hoc networks? @geeksforgeeks, Some rights reserved. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Design an appropriate subnet addressing scheme. Time to live. Token bucket algorithm.

    Facilities, a large number of consecutive IP addresses are available starting. Study at pescoe, explain Diffie Hellman key exchange algorithm with example. No notes for slide, explain any four properties desirable in a routing algorithm. Explain security and administration of snmpv3. Explain with a neat diagram, explain how folding can be used as a routing algorithm. Information for, the principal components of a network management architecture. How many cells could be transmitted in this system between consecutive voice phd economics in malaysia cells.

    What is the value of the symmetric key if x3 and. Write short notes on, given, describe briefly DES algorithm used for encryption. Need for ATM, cgsr of Adhoc networks, define the terms and explain the following. How does it work 1 Firewall 2 http 3 Real Time streaming ms thesis length protocol 4 Data encryption standard. An university has 150 LANs with 100 hosts in each LAN. E 3 8 subnets possible, clearly explain how a transparent bridges setsup its table entries.

    The leaky bucket algorithm.Discuss the concept of tunnel and point to point protocol in context with UPN.Explain and derive delays in datagram packet switching.