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    the bottom of the angels robe extend to the edge of the paper, appearing to interrupt the design. These shorter chains can then be taped together. Step 4: Draw

    or Trace Angel. Pre-cut enough templates so there is one template for every three or four people making angel chains. 1) Fold the strip in half, matching edges and making a sharp crease. For an example of how you might decorate these angels, see the sidebar. 6) Fold the center fold back to complete the accordion folds. Select the size that best fits your folded strips of paper, and adjust as needed. Use black markers on angels cut from white paper for a dramatic effect. Try strips that are 4" by 6 folded in four equal sections to cut a chain of two angels. « share this craft project with your friends and family). 4) Open the center fold like a book. 2) Fold one edge back to meet the fold just made, and crease. Try a different way of creating hair. Repeat with the other side. Create your own or download and print. Step 6: Decorate Angels (optional leave the angels plain or decorate them with markers. If you are using paper boy job in brampton computer paper, cut each sheet in half lengthwise.

    Angel chain paper

    Turn the paper over and repeat with the other edge. And draw one side of the angel with pencil. Extend either the wings or the skirt to the cut edge. If you are doing this project with a group. So, vertically 3 Fold the top layer back to meet the center fold. As these points of connection are what connect the chain. You can also lay tracing paper on top of the original image and trace the outlines. Paper Angel Chain, choose the angel template without hair how to make 3d paper mache letters so that you come up with a chain of angels with no hair or short hair. Cut out the copy and trace onto poster board or cardboard to make a sturdy template for future use. You might also add glitter to the wings.

    Create a chain of paper angel s by cutting multi-folded paper strips.It s just like folding and cutting paper doll chain s!The angel s can be used to decorate your Christmas packages or as part of a centerpiece.

    Corne ll paper Angel chain paper

    Fold the paper strip into eight equal sections of accordion pleats. The templates are available in northeastern ece phd proposal review form two sizes. Ranging from detailed and more serious portrayals to more cartoonish depictions. Cut Angels, note the outlines and simple shapes that come together to make the final silhouette. If you are planning to use construction paper. Step 5, reference" cut along your pencil marks and unfold.