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    clearance and delivery of goods from the port to your home or office. Taxes When you import goods into the EU from abroad, you have to pay two kinds

    of tax before the goods are actually released to you: Value Added Tax (VAT) Import Duty The VAT rate is different for each European Union country, so make sure. First of all, with most card issuers you can initiate a charge-back if something goes sugru wrong with your order or the supplier turns to be a scammer. The only fee youll pay is a small, upfront fee on the value of the transfer. VAT thresholds vary from country to country, so if youre based outside the UK, be sure to check the local laws regarding VAT registration. Transfer fees will vary from bank to bank but in most cases will be in the region of 10-30. In general, Sea Freight is better for bulky items or in cases where the shipping time is not that important. Chinese suppliers will vary rarely take credit card payments but companies in the EU or US will, in most cases, be happy to accept credit card payments. Personally I try to stick with PayPal when brown dealing with Chinese suppliers and PayPal or credit card when dealing with US based suppliers.

    Custum plastic covers for paper

    You can always outsource these tasks to a freight forwarding company at an additional cost. TransferWise, if youre dealing with large amounts of money in excess of 10k you can look for currency exchange companies that may offer you better rates. China Post is not the most reliable system so be paper towels bulk hard roll prepared for loststolen packages. With Air Freight youll usually have to handle documentation and customs clearance on your own unlike with courier companies which for many newbies may seem impractical. For most of you, get in touch with Darren on TWF or papers written by wassily kandinsky simply use the contact page on their website. Wire transfer is usually ok for European suppliers and manufacturers. So be sure to check out that online calculator to see exactly how much import duty youll have to pay for your particular goods.

    Gretsch 1960's hardshell case original!"no reserve" item number.Importing products from China to sell on eBay - that's what I do with my businesses to make most profit on eBay and stand out from competition!

    Imagine the kind of opportunities this opens up to you. You will want to stay away from VAT registration as long as possible that. In a word Woodland Global is font a perfect solution for smalltime importers. The situation is more difficult as there is no easy paper way to find. Read more about VAT registration for small businesses here. Sending money to a supplier in China can take up to 5 working days. This is the most popular shipping method used by big companies to import goods from China. The current VAT threshold in the UK is 77K over the previous 12 months.