To make a simple paper basket, cut strips of paper the same length and width from 3 sheets of paper. 2018!
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    cardboard in any fabric you choose. You need to cut long strips of newspaper to about 10cm wide. Fold the newspaper horizontally in half and then half again

    and use a sharp knife to cut into sections. This basket makes a great case for recycling. I start off rolling with my fingers and then carefully lift the tube, holding the end of the skewer in my right hand and rolling the paper around with my left. Tips, use a pipe cleaner for the handle instead of a paper strip. Please try again later. A 6 inch square is a good size for favor baskets. Even old maps can be transformed into beautiful new baskets like this woven map basket project. As you weave and twist each row it's easy to extend the length of the paper tubes as you work. Give this a try and you will understand what I mean. On on side, place two rows of double-sided tape around the edges. For the base of of the basket cut two rectangular pieces of cardboard. These can be any size depending on how small or large you want the basket. If you want a decorative edge around the top of your basket, cut 2 opposite sides of the basket with decorative scissors as shown. Put one end of the handle between the 2 corner squares and the center square, and attach a brad through all the layers. Punch a hole in the center of each end of the basket handle about an inch from the end. Place a heavy book on top and leave to dry for an hour. To start weaving, join two tubes together as shown in the images just below. Weaving a basket is the perfect way to combine a traditional crafting technique with upcycled materials. What You Need, square Sheet of Card Stock or Decorative Paper. Its the perfect project for large pieces of scrap paper like gift wrap and newspaper. How to make long tubes, as you reach the end of a tube, take a new tube and insert the narrower end into the end of the tube you are using. Now I need to brush up on the various ways to finish off the top and weave different designs. Using card stock or cardboard will make the basket sturdier. I added a total of 7 rows. Don't worry about this and you will find out why later. My very first basket took about 4 hours, which included rolling all the paper tubes. Rating is available when the video has been rented.

    How to make a easy weaved paper basket. Duty based moral paper

    S not runny, holiday Contest 6 People Made This Project. Place the dowel on a corner of the newspaper at an acute angle. Continue to punyanagari add rows until you hypothesis reach the desired height. Cut on lines as shown in red. Completely overlap all the squares to form a square shape. There are also a few variations you can use so all the baskets arent exactly alike. Itapos, for a paper handle, finished Base, be sure the paper strip is long enough. Craft this easy paper basket for Easter favors or a kids party.

    Then, weave the base of the basket with 4 horizontal strips and 4 vertical strips.Fold the 4 loose ends on each of the sides up, and weave 2 strips of paper around all 4 sides to complete the sides of the basket.These are the 5 easy and simple paper basket weaving.

    T difficult and I thoroughly enjoyed making. I wasnapos, if you make decorative edges, as I will be doing. Crafty Journal, this feature is not available right now. Score the square so it is divided into 3 equal squares in both directions or easy 3 squares x 3 squares.