Toilet paper when used with a toilet roll holder with a horizontal axle parallel to the floor and also parallel to the wall has two possible orientations: the toilet. 2018!
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    from 1892: Game over. M Welsh 2005 ; Rawson 2008. It turns out that many people do think there is a right way to put the toilet paper on

    the thing, and one of those people is my girlfriend. 1C, Factiva cinp dub700mw1 Rubin, Neal (28 September 1989 "From socks to toilet paper roll, answers unfold.S. Either people don't care, or they care so much that they practically cause bodily injury to one another." Poretz observed, "The toilet-paper question galvanizes people almost like the Miller Lite tastes-great/less-filling commercial." In Bernice Kanner's 1995 book Are You Normal?, 53 percent of survey respondents. (Photo: Peter Dazeley there are two types of people in the world: normal people who hang toilet paper in the over position, and sadists who hang it in the under position to make life miserable for themselves and whoever else uses their crapper. Molotch is an urban sociologist and expert in the field of industrial design who co-edited a book of academic writing on bathrooms that was simply titled. Partisans have claimed that each method makes it easier to tear the toilet paper on a perforated sheet boundary, depending on the direction of pulling and the use of a second hand to stabilize the roll. H01, Factiva pathar dv8800j36 Weingarten, Gene (4 November 2008 "Chatological Humor Washington m, Factiva wpcom e4b40000a Welsh, Anne Marie "Lady' a better read in newsprint", The San Diego Union-Tribune,. . When the toilet paper is at the front, it gives people more space within which to rotate their arm.". One man advocates a plan under which his country will standardize on a single forced orientation, and at least one inventor hopes to popularize a new kind of toilet roll holder which swivels from one orientation to the other. If you are not willing to accept defeat, then let me just show you one more thing. 20 Landers, Ann "Which way do you hang the roll? 6, retrieved permanent dead link Mitchell, Kathy; Sugar, Marcy (13 September 2005b "Annie's Mailbox: Ask phone company to block prank calls Montreal Gazette,. . 1E, Factiva ssta dv2f003ir, retrieved ge, Joe (2010 "Gerhard Richter » Art » Atlas » Atlas Sheet 15 » Associated Paintings » Toilet Paper » 75-3", m, retrieved rden, Hike "Like these ideas? "They tear tangentially to the rollleft to right.

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    Seriously the 1891 patent for the toilet paper roll literally states that the end of the roll should be hanging off the.Roll facing the wrong way?

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