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    many electives that are offered during the day at camp. We often offer kippah and tallit making among the choices of electives. The yoetz/et possesses the professional skills

    to deal with children and their parents as well as staff members of all ages. The yoetz/et serves as a resource person for the campers and the staff members in dealing with the developmental issues that often arise in the camp setting. If you are not currently certified as a lifeguard, the camp may be able to assist you in obtaining your certification for the summer. Jewelry Making Specialist Arts and crafts is offered as an elective for campers of all ages. Music Leaders, drama Instructors, outdoor Adventure Specialists, dance Teachers.

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    This individual must possess good organizational skills and be able to balance the logistical needs job listings paper cutting of the camp. Kayaking and canoeing, advisor yoetzet Parent LiaisonStaff Trainer, office Staff The job listings paper cutting staff member who works in the camp office is vital to the everyday operations of camp. CV Résumé what interests you most about joining the PaperCut team.

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    Many of the programs participate job listings paper cutting in intercamp competitions that are coordinated by the head of the sports program. This specialist helps to coordinate intercamp sports competitions. But when peeled across its width. Responsibilities include supervision of the pool braicha andor lake agam. The photography specialist should possess skills in photography that include photo taking and development. Why, our gymnastics activity takes place in the Ulam Sport see virtual tour complete with all necessary equipment.