MinnaAuthorities of Federal University of Technology, FUT, Minna, Niger State, has expelled a doctoral student, Olateju Ademola Mukaila, for plagiarism while three undergraduates were also. 2018!
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    for everyone and needs special software to process the information given by a user and match it with the information in a special database to find identical phrases or

    sentences. Terms, nasreddin and the Smell of Soup. This version removed my text except the data, which cited yet another paper, and the methods, which cited my dissertation. By the way, the fact that our service is free is definitely a big advantage for students who do not usually have bottomless bank accounts and cannot afford to buy custom essays. Nevertheless, this has some pros and cons in terms of plagiarism. These problems went against everything I stood for, as a scientist, engineer, and graduate student. Briefly, this is my story of how I fought back, how I challenged conflicts of interest, struggled with university bureaucracies, and learned about copyright laws as I sought to protect the integrity of science and the proper use of my research on the terrible disease. Unique Your Paper - Plagiarism Checker for Students mFile. If the whole sentence or even larger fragments of the text are not original, the checker will trigger a plagiarism alert and identify the content source. Those who voluntarily withdrew from the University are Olanrewaju Hafeez Abiodun (2014/1/52428PM) 200 Level student of the Department of Mathematics, Oluwaseyi Caleb Akanbi (2012/1/43376BM) 400 Level student of the Department of Mathematics, Bernard Prince Otunche (2014/1/51189PM) 200 Level of the Department of Mathematics and Mohammed. Nevertheless, there still might be some blind spots but they are not visible at first sight for people not familiar with such a tool. She also said part of the source code that I used where the original author was student not properly credited. Instead, I share my story here. The bulletin did not however state reasons for their withdrawal from the university. His mismatch of the methods and results confirmed what I always knew: he never understood or cared about the new techniques I developed. Or should I let the investigation do its job and wait for their response. However, since I registered the copyright after they published it, I could not sue for attorneys fees. In his letter back to me, the staff executive editor said my advisor claimed that he had himself phrased the parts of my dissertation that were copied, that I had been unresponsive to his e-mails, and that I had claimed that other (non-Chapter 3) parts. Investigating and Documenting Suspected Plagiarism describes some useful tools for this. Plagiarism Checking Tool is Your Online Professional Assistant. My feelings toward the university were rather neutral. I Need 100 Original Text, unique Your Paper - Plagiarism Checker for Students mCreated with Sketch. You cannot even rewrite the source text with the same structure but other words without giving proper credit, because this will also mean that you plagiarized the work. Their reply, after extended conversations with the journal executive editor, was that they understood this journal leaves article drafts online, indefinitely, unless articles were retracted. Millions of people use our checking tool on a daily basis and we try to gain the trust of millions more. I was astonished as I saw scientific omissions, contradictions, and even false statements. I found the very first draft of my dissertation I wrote over Thanksgiving 2005, before my advisor ever saw it, and the sentences were similar.

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    After Finding Evidence.Plagiarism, PhD Student, fights Back.

    Must be brought forward to the Dean or designated Associate Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Is copyrighted, who produced a new version of the paper. A thesis, regardless of whether an phd author writes Copyright. Our team of professionals is doing phd their best to provide the customers with the most efficient detection system.